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Chocolate Box Dear Author Letter

Hello fellow Chocolate Boxer! Thanks in advance for writing me a story in one of these awesome fandoms! All prompt ideas are suggestions only, so you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. I’m totally ok with both gen and smut fic, so write whatever you’re comfortable with. If for whatever reason you need to ask me a question, I have anon asks enables on my Tumblr and will get back to you as soon as possible.

I like plotty fic, ship fic, character studies, fluff, most AUs, romance, BDSM and dub-con.

I don’t like gore/detailed descriptions of violence, major character death, rape, infidelity, a/b/o or watersports, so please stay away from that.

Digimon Adventure 02

Motomiya Daisuke/Yagami Taichi: I would love to see how them being in a relationship affects their abilities as Chosen Children. Does Daisuke gain access to the Digimental of Love once he and Taichi start dating? Do they gain the ability to Jogress evolve together? Them learning something from each other would be great too, as would anything involving the events of Digimon Tri – I’m caught up on all the movies, so don’t worry about spoilers.

Inoue Miyako/Ichijouji Ken: I’m really interested to see how Miyako and Ken got together in the first place – did it happen before, during or after the events of the Tri movies? How does their relationship develop and change over time? If you want to go dark, an AU where Ken captures Miyako during his time as the Digimon Kaizer would be cool, or something with him becoming the Kaizer again during Tri.

Kamen Rider

 Alain/Fukami Makoto/Tenkuuji Takeru: Them figuring out how their relationship would work. Makoto and Takeru introducing Alain to sex of any kind. Non-Ganma related shenanigans involving the three of them. Building a relationship post-canon. Soulmate AU.

 Alain/Tenkuuji Takeru: Takeru using the power of love to break through Alain’s prickly exterior once Alain switches sides. Them going on dates where Takeru shows Alain some interesting things in the human world. Soulmate AU! Gundam/Mecha AU!

 Houjou Emu/Kagami Hiiro: Bickering turning into sex/awkward confessions. Hiiro getting to understand Emu better and gaining some respect for him. Hurt/comfort of any kind. Emu job shadowing Hiiro in the hospital and having to deal with ‘regular’ patients as a team. Emu trying (and maybe failing) to bake Hiiro something sweet to show his affection.

Houjou Emu/Kujou Kiriya: Kiriya tricking Emu into going on date with him. Cooperation on the battlefield leads to something more. Post-episode 12 AU. Kiriya and Emu competing against each other in a video game. Working together to solve a non-Bugster patient death. Hurt/comfort.

 Kazami Shiro/Yuki Joji: Cyborg angst! Travelling together fighting evil. Joji staying at Shiro’s place because he has no where else to go. Vacations in Tahiti. LITERALLY ANYTHING, really.

 Kujou Kiriya/Phillip: This pairing stems from this fic on the Kamen Rider prompt meme, so make the fic as silly as you want. First meetings! Weird date situations. Being confused about each others’ transformation methods. Battling a Gaia Memory user or Bugster together. Kiriya assisting the Narumi crew on a case.

Kimitsu no Yaiba

 Kamado Tanjirou & Kamado Nezuko: Pre-canon fic about their life growing up. Nezuko’s thoughts on Tanjirou battling demons for her sake. Funny things that happen while travelling together. Fighting demons together. Nezuko doing little things to show Tanjirou that she’s still human.

 Kamado Tanjirou/Yushiro: Yushiro realizing that he has a crush on Tanjirou as well as Nezuko. Figuring out how to love each other despite their differences. Hurt/comfort after one of them gets hurt in battle. Yushiro being forced to drink Tanjirou’s blood for some reason.

 Yushiro/Tamayo: Tamayo reciprocating Yushiro’s feelings for her. Living together before or during canon. Yushiro protecting Tamayo in battle. Yushiro coming to terms with being turned into a demon and how that plays into his feelings towards Tamayo

Midsomer Murders

Tom Barnaby & Gavin Troy and Tom Barnaby/Gavin Troy: One of them saving the other during a case. Hanging out together while not working. Casefic. Having to share a bed for whatever reason. A romantic date. Dealing with their feelings for each other.

Ookiku Furikabutte | Big Windup!

Abe Takaya/Mihashi Ren: How their relationship develops in their second and third years. Cute dates. Expressing their love for each other through baseball. Abe helping Mihashi become a better batter. A post-tournament celebration. Mihashi caring for Abe after he injured his knee.

 Akimaru Kyouhei & Haruna Motoki: Akimaru working hard to become the best catcher he can be for Haruna. Moments from their childhood together. Growing as baseball players through the years. Studying (or not) for exams together. How each of them views their friendship. Akimaru dragging Haruna into mentoring their younger teammates.

 Akimaru Kyouhei/Haruna Motoki: Haruna expressing his feelings for Akimaru in weird ways. Living together as roommates during or after university. Childhood crushes turning into a romantic relationship. Fantasy or space AU. Haruna being clueless about how dating works.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

 Akaba Reiji & Akaba Reira: Reiji teaching Reira how to duel. Them hanging out together. Non-Dimensional War AU. Anything exploring their views and expectations of each other. Reiji helping Reira to overcome some of his fears.

 Sakaki Yuya & Akaba Reira: Yuuya and Reira having fun together. Reira showing Yuuya that he can duel for fun, too. Yuuya babysitting Reira post-canon. Building decks for each other. Duelling together as a tag team. Reira protecting Yuuya.

 Sakaki Yuya/Sawatari Shingo: Duelling each other for fun/duelling together as a team. Sawatari being a sappy romantic while dating Yuuya. Yuuya training Sawatari to be an Entertainment Duellist. Going on ridiculous dates. The power of love saving Yuuya from Zarc.

Sakaki Yuya/Yuto: Yuuto regaining his body and deciding to stay with Yuuya. Dreamscape/mindscape sex (maybe they both have soul rooms they can access a la Duel Monsters?). Yuuya helping Yuuto to accept what happened to Heartland.


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