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Trick or Treat Dear Author Letter

Hello fellow Trick or Treater! Thanks in advance for writing me a story in one of these awesome fandoms! All prompt ideas are suggestions only, so you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. I’m totally ok with both gen and smut fic, so write whatever you’re comfortable with. If for whatever reason you need to ask me a question, I have anon asks enables on my Tumblr and will get back to you as soon as possible.

I like plotty fic, ship fic, character studies, fluff, most AUs, romance, BDSM and dub-con.

I don’t like gore/detailed descriptions of violence, major character death, rape, infidelity, a/b/o or watersports, so please stay away from that.


Characters Requested: Kazami Tomohiko, Misaki Mei, Mochizuki Yuuya, Sakakibara Kouichi, Teshigawara Naoya

Being a mystery/horror series, Another is perfect for this type of exchange. I loved the creepy atmosphere present throughout the series, and the psychological horror of a curse that can’t be stopped is something that originally drew me to the series. Fic can be set pre-, during or post-canon, I’ll be happy with any.

Treat: Teshigawara and Kazami are childhood friends, so something cute about them would be lovely. Something set during the Obon festival would be cool too, as would a fic developing Kouichi and Mei’s relationship.

Trick: Yomiyama has got to have a haunted house or two around, and someone’s bound to get in trouble if they investigate it. Something dealing with the effects of the calamity itself, either while it’s happening or after it’s all over would be great too.

Ships: Teshigawara/Kazami, Kouichi/Mei and Teshigawara/Kouichi/Kazami

Danball Senki

Characters Requested: Haibara Yuuya, Kaidou Jin, Oozora Hiro, Yagami Eiji, Yamano Ban, Zaizen Sousuke

Although it’s a mostly upbeat series, Danball Senki does have a dark underside to it – LBXs can be used for all sorts of terrifying purposes, from political assassination to being used for general wide-scale terrorism. I’d love sometime character focused, and it can be set anytime during or after the three series.

Treat: Two of the characters hang out together, either as friends or on a date if you do shipfic. Yagami solves a case involving LBXs (with or without help from someone else). One or more of them enters a tournament. An expansion on what one of then is doing in between W and Wars (information can be found here.

Trick: LBXs are used to cause chaos/a terrorist attack, and must be stopped. Anything focusing on the trauma Yuuya went through. Zaizen gets targeted again, and Yagami must rescue/take care of him. Anything dealing with the History of Justice sidestory (basically, Hiro gets kidnapped and brainwashed post-Wars, and Ban eventually rescues him. Hiro may or may not lose and eye afterwards).

Ships: Ban/Jin, Ban/Hiro, Jin/Yuuya, Hiro/Yuuya, Yagami/Zaizen

Doctor Who (1963)

Characters Requested: Eighth Doctor, Grace Holloway, Chang Lee

Doctor Who does both horror and fluff well, especially what I’ve seen of Classic Who, so go wild!

Treat: Eight returns to check on Grace and/or Lee and they hang out or he takes them on an adventure. Eight having an adventure where something terrible doesn’t happen. Lee being inspired by the Doctor and turning his life around post-movie. Grace and Lee hanging out together.

Trick: Trick: From what I gather from his later audios, Eight can get very dark, especially when you add in the Time War. Lee is a former gang member, so a fic dealing with his life pre-Doctor would be awesome. Some sort of viral/alien/zombie invasion of San Francisco that Grace and Lee have to deal with (with or without the Doctor) would be cool too.

Ships: Eight/Grace, Eight/Lee, Grace/Lee, Eight/Grace/Lee

Kamen Rider V3

Characters Requested: Kazami Shiro, Yuki Joji, Tama Junko, Tachibana Tobei

V3 is my favourite Showa-era show that I’ve seen so far, and I love it mostly for the characters and the growth they go through over the course of the series. I’m not concerned about spoilers, so setting can be during or post-canon.

Treat: Shiro and Junko going on a date together. Joji bonding with Tachibana or Junko. Tachibana or Junko running the sports store. Shiro’s adventures around the world post-canon. Joji’s life in Tahiti. Shiro and Joji having adventures together.

Trick: Shiro angsting about being a cyborg. Junko’s reaction to finding out what Shiro really is. Joji’s feelings towards betraying Destron. Some of the experiments Joji did while working in Destron. Anyone getting seriously hurt and being nursed back to health. Junko or Joji becoming a Kamen Rider under Destron’s control.

Ships: Shiro/Joji, Shiro/Junko

Kamen Rider W

Characters Requested: Hidari Shotaro, Philip, Narumi Akiko, Sonozaki Saeko, Sudou Kirihiko

W was the first Heisei Kamen Rider series I watched all the way through, and that combined with the fact W is basically everything I love about detective series thrown into a superhero show means I will love this series forever.

Treat: Casefic, whether Dophant-related or not. Phillip dragging Shotaro or Akiko somewhere over one of his weird obsessions. Kirihiko surviving and joining the Narumi Detective Agency. Kirihiko courting Saeko. Akihiko going undercover for a case. Akiko and Shotaro doing detective work together. Saeko’s daily routine. Saeko surviving and redeeming herself post-canon.

Trick: Hurt/comfort fic for any character. Angst fic for any character. Shotaro learning to fight by himself while Phillip is gone. Phillip dealing with the emotional fallout of losing his family. Akiko getting captured by the Museum. Kirihiko struggling to master the Nazca Gaia Memory. Saeko’s feelings of inadequacy towards her sister.

Ships: Shotaro/Phillip, Shotaro/Kirihiko, Kirihiko/Saeko, Saeko/Akiko



Ookiku Furikabutte | Big Windup!

Characters Requested: Abe Takaya, Akimaru Kyouhei, Haruna Motoki, Kamishiro Shouma, Mihashi Ren, Sakaeguchi Yuuto

Oofuri is adorable and everything I want out of a sports series. I love how it balances character development and the baseball details, and the development all the characters go through is fantastic. I’m not completely caught up on the manga, but I don’t mind spoilers.

Treat: Anyone’s daily routine. Abe and Haruna becoming friends. Haruna and Akimaru friendship as children. Mihashi and Sakaeguchi hanging out outside of practice. Mihashi, Akimaru or Kamishiro working to become a better baseball player. Mihashi and Kamishiro becoming long-distance friends.

Ships: Abe/Mihashi, Haruna/Akimaru, Mihashi Kamishiro/Mihashi, Sakaeguchi/Mihashi



Characters Requested: Ishizu Ishtar, Kaiba Seto, Pegasus J. Crawford | Maximillion Pegasus

Yu-Gi-Oh is such a great mix of creepy and cute already, but I’m always eager to see more! I’m familiar with both the dub and the sub, so use whatever names/honourifics/etc. you want. Fic can be during or post-canon, since I’m sure there’s stuff we don’t see. I haven’t seen Darkside of Dimensions yet, so please no spoilers from that.

Treat: Seto’s day-to-day routine. Pegasus and Seto having a proper duel post-series. Pegasus or Seto taking a vacation. Ishizu settling into her new life post-series. Any of the characters dueling for fun.

Trick: Pegasus recovering from losing his Millennium Eye. Ishizu trying to come to terms with everything her brother did. Seto encountering something occult that he just can’t deny as fake. Any of the characters having a nightmare.

Ships: Pegasus/Seto, Ishizu/Seto


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