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Insert Coin Dear Author Letter

Hello fellow Insert Coin author! Thanks in advance for writing me a story in one of these awesome fandoms! All prompt ideas are suggestions only, so you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. I’m totally ok with both gen and smut fic, so write whatever you’re comfortable with. If for whatever reason you need to ask me a question, I have anon asks enables on my Tumblr and will get back to you as soon as possible. I’ve linked various Let’s Plays for most of the games I requested, so hopefully they will be helpful if you need them.

I like well-crafted plots, character studies, fluff, most AUs, romance, arranged marriages, BDSM and dub-con.

I don’t like gore/detailed descriptions of violence, major character death, rape, infidelity, a/b/o or watersports, so please stay away from that.

Letter is currently in-progress, will be completed within the next few days

Azure Dreams

Characters Requested: Koh, Nico Southley, Ghosh Rode, Guy, Kewne
Let’s Plays: Video Let’s Play, Screenshot and Text Let’s Play

Azure Dreams follows the story of Koh, a young monster hunter, as he follows in his deceased father’s footsteps to become the greatest monster hunter in the land. It’s part monster-raising game, part rogue-like game, and I like it because I love monster-raising games and the fact that you can actively restore the town Koh lives in while romancing the love(s) of your life.

Koh and Nico are childhood friends, so anything involving their friendship would be wonderful. Koh would definitely drag Nico into some sort of trouble as children, and Nico would be the one to get them out of it. As far as romance goes, this guide has information on how Koh and Nico get together – missing scenes or a different take on their relationship would be interesting to see. Koh and Ghosh are complete opposites (poor brat vs. stuck-up rich boy), making them perfect rivals. Anything about their relationship would be fantastic, especially if it incorporates the ‘Koh and Ghosh become friends as the game progresses’ aspect that was cut out of the English release. Guy and Kewne were partners before Guy died, so either reflecting on the other or about Koh would be cool, as would a something centred around Guy and Koh.

Ships: Koh/Nico, Koh/Ghosh, Koh/Nico/Ghosh

Digimon Wonderswan Series

Characters Requested: Akiyama Ryo, Ichijouji Ken
Let’s Plays: Anode/Cathode Tamer Script, Tag Tamers Script, D-1 Tamers Script, Partial Brave Tamer Script. This site is a fantastic resource for the Wonderswan series in general, with walkthroughs, screenshots and character profiles for all the games.

I first encountered Ryo in Digimon Tamers, like a lot of other Digimon fans. I thought he and Cyberdramon were kinda cool, and Justimon was pretty awesome (possibly foreshadowing my current love of the Kamen Rider series). But Takato and the others were far more interesting to me, so I did pay him much attention after the series ended. It was only when I discovered Ryo’s massive backstory and everything he went through that I really started to like him. I love the depth to his story and his journey to figure out his place as a Chosen Child/Tamer and all the tragedy that happens along the way. The time travel and universe-hopping chaos is a definite plus, too.

The weird relationship Ryo has with Taichi and the others is very interesting, since despite him saving everyone, they’re not quite friends but also not strangers. What happens in D-1 only adds another layer to their relationship, and deeply affects Ryo himself. Anything featuring Ryo interacting with Agumon and/or the other Chosen Child Digimon during the first game would be great, as would interaction between him and Veemon and/or Wormmon during Tag Tamers. I absolutely adore Ryo and Ken’s friendship, so feel free to go wild with that. I’d especially like an AU where things happen differently – perhaps Ryo gets the Dark Spore instead of Ken, or Ken recovers enough to take part in the events of D-1 and the fallout from that. Any sort of Digimon-related AU would be wonderful for these two, actually. While he’s not directly featured in the games, Osamu/Sam playing some sort of role would be awesome, since he’d probably know Ryo as well.

Digimon World Series

Characters Requested: Hiro, Akira, Bertran
Let’s Plays: Digimon World 1 Video Let’s Play, Digimon World 1 Text and Screenshot Let’s Play, Digimon World 2 Video Let’s Play, Digimon World 2 Text and Screenshot Let’s Play

I love how Digimon World 1 and 2 are both Digimon games, yet tell vastly different stories. Both involve saving the Digital World, but they go about it in very different ways and playstyles.

 For Hiro, I love how it’s just him and his lone Digimon vs. everyone else. He seems to adjust pretty fast to being sucked into a different world, but what are his innermost thoughts on the matter? How does he feel about taking on the responsibility of restoring File City by himself or travelling around File Island? I don’t ship him with anyone in-game, but there’s an urban legend of a human girl appearing in the game if you want to do something with that.

For Akira, I love his determination to become the best Tamer, as well as his ongoing rivalry with Bertran. While they player can join one of the three teams, production materials show Akira belonging to Blue Falcon – why did he choose the team he did, and how does he view his fellow teammates? What does it feel like for him to command Digimon in battle? Despite his tough attitude, Bertran is shown to have some fears while brainwashed, so I’d love something built off of that – Akira and Bertran exploring a scary domain, Bertran having nightmares, that sort of thing. Post-game stuff would be awesome too, with Akira or Bertran dealing with everything that happened, or going on adventures in the Digital World.

Ships: Akira/Bertran and Hiro/Akira as a crossover ship

Dragon Warrior Monsters Series

Characters Requested: Iru | Cobi, Luca | Tara, Prince Kameha, Warubou
Let’s Plays: Video Let’s Play, Text and Screenshot Let’s Play

Like everything else on this list, the Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters series is focused around monster-raising, this time using monsters from the main Dragon Quest series. The characters I requested are from DWM 2, and involve two siblings saving their new island home from being submerged thanks to the antics of Prince Kameha and his monster friend Warubou.

Anything involving the relationship between Cobi and Tara would be great – are they friends or rivals where their home isn’t sinking? What did the sibling who was left behind think about while the other one was gone? What do they think of Prince Kameha? As for the prince himself, how did he and Warubou meet? They’re both called troublemakers in-game, so what other messes did they get into prior to Cobi and Tara moving to the island? Did he do anything interesting during his time as the Monster King? What sort of adventures do the four of them go on after the island is saved?

Ships: Cobi/Kameha, Tara/Kameha

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

Characters Requested: Red, Green | Blue Oak

Ship: Red/Green

Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

Characters Requested: Red, Green | Blue Oak, Gold, Silver, Kris

Ships: Red/Green, Gold/Silver, Gold/Kris, Silver/Kris, Green/Silver, Gold/Red


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